Scandinavia Trip: 2018

Scandinavia Trip: 2018

Every year my family likes to take a trip somewhere we haven’t been and explore it together! And this year, Benni had a conference in Copenhagen so we decided to make an adventure out of it. We were exploring for about 7 days, which we found to be enough! A few days prior to leaving we researched each of the cities and found out what were things we had to see, do & eat, having this document handy made it easy for us to choose restaurants that we knew were vegetarian also! Here’s how our trip ended out!

Copenhagen, Denmark: (1½ Day)

We all arrived on Saturday, so that day was spent just eating and getting a good night rest to kick off our trip. On Sunday, we started our day with a hearty breakfast of chocolate croissants & coffee! After, we hopped on the metro towards Amalienborg Palace where we walked around and also went into the museum which was filled with the history of past Royals.



Close to the Palace,  we walked over to the ever-famous Nyhavn, where we took lots of pictures and slid into a local restaurant for some light snacks and lots of people watching!                 We then decided to take the Canal Tour which showed us the unique architecture around the city. Thankfully, we had great weather so the boat ride was very pleasant!



Tivoli Gardens

From the Canal Tour, we just walked around a little bit and then decided to make our way to Tivoli Gardens, since we had heard so much about it!  We roamed around the Gardens and even took some rides! We found a restaurant inside the garden, which was a a different palette of tastes for us, but still fun to try! We ended our day by walking around the areas (København K & Stroget) of our hotel

We also decided to get the Copenhagen Card, which is highly recommeded. With this card, you get free entry into attractions around Copenhagen, along with transportation! It was definitely worth it!

Hotel: Ibsens Hotel

Places To Eat:  Gemsye (inside Tivoli Garden), Torvehallerne (a food market), Simple RAW,  Miller Kaffer og Kokken , Mad & Kaffe, The Union Kitchen, The Olive Kitchen & Bar

Oslo, Norway: (2 Days)

From Copenhagen, we took a flight to Oslo where we again had really great weather. We checked into our hotel and went off exploring. We grabbed a bite to eat and ended up on a boat ride around the waters of Norway! We actually didn’t know where we going!  After the boat ride, we found a delicious Indian restaurant and ate our hearts out!


Viking Ship Museum

The next morning, we ventured early in the morning to the Viking Ship Museum via boat, from there we went to the Noble Peace Center and ate lunch at the local food trucks


After lunch, we went to the National Gallery to see The Scream, by Edvard Munch. We also did some drawing classes there! We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon walking on Karl Johans Gate perusing local shops and restaurants. We ate dinner and climbed in to bed after a busy day! Our second day in Oslo was spent with more exploring and relaxing, the sun was shining bright and we enjoyed some breakfast at a local eatery and then made our way to Stockholm!

Hotel: Oslo Guldsmeden Hotel

Places to Eat: Der Peppern Gror (Indian food), Dognvill Burger, Sunny Side, Nordvegan, Loving Hut!



Stockholm, Sweden: (3 Days)

Now we were into the last part of our trip which was in Stockholm! After arriving in from the airport and getting settled, we made our way around the city and into another recommneded Indian restaurant!


Vasa Museum

In the morning, we got our Stockholm Card ( again, highly recommended) and hopped on to the bus towards the Vasa Museum. The history behind this museum is really interesting, if you are planning a trip to Stockholm, you must go here! We walked Ostermalm and ended up walking around town the rest of the day. We had tried to get in to see the Royal Palace, unfortunately it was closing by the time we got there.


Royal Chapel


So the next morning, our first mission was the Royal Palace where we roamed amongst history. We then walked around Gamla Stan where we went to the Noble Peace Museum, the actual place where the laurettes come before they go to the ceremony! The streets of Gamla Stan are filled with quaint souvenir shops and restaurants, so we spent the rest of the day there. Since this was our last night, we wanted to soak in the city as much as possible!

The next morning, we ate breakfast and relaxed before our respective flights back to the U.S. And so concluded our trip to Scandanavia!

Hotel: Hobo Hotel

Places to Eat: Masala Masala, Koh Phangan, Geronimos FGT, Barrels Burger & Beer, Cafe Schwiezer, Giro Pizza

In each of the cities, we were able to explore more because of the passes respective to each city. These passes allowed for us to use the boats, trains, and busses to reach attractions without having to walk all day. When you purchase these passes, you are also paying for admission into the attractions as well. Using these passes at restaurants can also get you some discounts.

  • Copenhagen Card: We scooped up at our hotel, so check to see if your hotel offers them.
  • Oslo Pass: At the airport, outside of the arrivals gate amongst the restaurants is a stall for passes.
  • Stockholm Card: There was a visitor center close to our hotel where they had lots of information on the attactions!

It was a great trip, filled with good memories & food! ♥




After 8 incredible weeks, I am finally back home. Back to headquarters. I know, I haven’t posted like I said I would, but looking back on this trip- I found it really hard to write..  Surprising, because usually it tends to just flow out but every time I attempted to sit down and write, I felt like it didn’t make sense.

But after a week of being back home and being asked how my trip was, I am finally able to pinpoint and really express how this trip was for me..

I’ve been to India numerous times, but this specific trip was by far the most memorable and eye-opening. And I could write post after post of so many moments and experiences, but words just don’t do them justice..   But thus, I shall try to do my best.

Being asked about my trip, the one word for me that sums it all up is: humbling.

For 8 weeks, I let go of my hot showers for geyser warmed bucket showers, I let go of my overflowing closet to live out of my bag, I let go of things that I thought I could never do without. On the plane heading to India, I was so concerned about what I was going to do if my phone didn’t work or will I be able to get internet on my laptop. But once I stepped foot into India, none of those things seemed to matter because once my foot touched the ground, I realized how good I have it. And over the course of my 8 weeks in India, I became more and more aware of the fact of how much I take things for granted.  I knew that once these 8 weeks were over, I wouldn’t have to think twice about what I was eating or if there would enough water in the water tank for 6 people to shower with. After 8 weeks, how would it affect me if the lights went out 3-4 times a day, everyday. Whether it be from the water I drink, to having a clean bathroom, or having a hot shower- I didn’t appreciate it, until now.

And there is one reason that I am able to have these, what we call, basic necessities. My parents. Coming back from India, my appreciation for my parents as reached a whole new level. To take the decision to come here from India and build their life here, so that they could give my sister and I the life that we live is something I never really thought about until I saw them reminiscing on their lives back in India. I hope from here on out, my actions show my true appreciation and how thankful I am to them.

When I say humbling, I mean this trip really put life into perspective. It’s not going to happen overnight or in a few months, but the experiences that I had, are teaching me to really take a step back and look at the bigger picture, I need to start being more appreciative of what I have in my life. And that I need to start looking past the ‘wants’ and ‘needs’. I’ve already got what I need to make me happy, plus a little bit extra- and the only thing I need to do is be thankful for it.

I’m beyond happy to be back home and slowly, I will hopefully be able to share more detailed memories from my trip.


IMG_2643There is no real picture that ties to this post, but this is our small but cozy home in India. Parvati Niketan.

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