Whats In Your Bag?

Happy “Whats In Your Bag” Wednesday!

As many women do, I carry a large tote bag around usually filled with items used on a daily basis and some that are only whipped out on that one (pasta sauce on the white shirt, touched a grimy handle, I ran to the meeting, my hair tie broke) day. And you ladies know, we’ve all had them.

On a regular basis, I get the quirky eyed look at the size of my bag and on a good day, I get asked about the contents that encompass said bag.

So to all you curious souls, without further ado, the answers to your burning curiosity of what’s in my bag.

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  • H20 in my bkr: My biggest fear ( amongst many) is being stranded without water. So regardless of where I am going, I always have a water bottle with me. These bottles are my favorite because of the size and the fact that my water stays relatively cold. Just don’t drop it…
  • Chapstick: Also another fear of mine, being stranded with chapped lips. The thought of licking my lips grosses me out. I always always always have chapstick on me, even when I go to check the mail. I recently discovered the Drunk Elephant line and bought their lippe balm, it’s excellent and non-toxic!
  • Journal: There are moments when a great, out of this world, never before thought of idea pops into my head and I had to remember it really hard until I got home. Not anymore!
  • Sunnies: Gotta protect my big brown eyes and look good while doing it! These ones are from Burberry. I also got some Warby Parkers to up my fashion game a little bit and in attempts to look more profound!
  • Emergen-lady-kit: This pouch is in each and every bag. It holds everything:
    • hand sanitizer, hand lotion, band-aids, Neosporin, tweezers, hair ties/clips, bobby-pins, perfume, pen(cils), medicine, chapsticks, kleenex, eye drops, lady products, socks…. and more.

lLkJYc1ZSca5wFzueYR2lQAnd last but not least, my holder of the said items. My Madewell Transport Tote. I love this bag. I have this antique rose color and English saddle. The English saddle bag I have had for about 4 years and it has been through a lot. I recently got this antique rose tote and am trying to be more careful with it. Both of my bags are monogrammed and obviously accessorized.

The contents of the bag rarely change, I usually add more stuff if it’s even possible.  But the bag itself changes upon the day and the mood, but give me a big bag and I’m sure to use it.

Clearly this post isn’t a part of the norm, but I figured its time to step out of my comfort zone and explore new beginnings, so stick around! Happy Wednesday!


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